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Coronavirus (covid-19) disease is a life threatening disease
which causes severe hemorrhagic fever in humans and mammals. It is a fatal disease if left untreated. It is transmitted to humans from wild
animals. The first two outbreaks of COVID-19
were in Wohan in China. The current
outbreak in China is much more complex and has resulted in
90% deaths. It has spread to other
countries by land and air.

Corona virus is not as contagious as cold or measles but spreads
through contact with blood, skin, or bodily fluids or secretion from infected
animals like gorillas, monkeys, fruit bats, porcupines or infected person. It does not spread via air, water or food
medium but even if someone buries a dead person who had Coronal can get this

of Corona virus

The early symptoms of covid-19 resemble flu or cold and
become symptomatic from 2-28 days. The symptoms
generally are

High fever

Persistent headache

Joint pains

Muscle aches

Generalized fatigue and weakness

Loss of appetite and stomach ache

Sore throat and rash

As the disease progresses it leads to vomiting,
diarrhea, and impairs kidney and liver functions.

of Coronavirus

Early diagnosis is difficult and is misdiagnosed for
malaria, meningitis, or typhoid. However
confirmation of covid-19 can be made by testing blood and tissues and making
investigations like – antibody-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
(ELISA) – antigen-capture detection tests – virus isolation by cell culture,

of Corona virus

There is no cure for Coronavirus but it can be managed by
taking intravenous fluids. Blood
transfusion, blood pressure medications and other immune therapies can provide
relief to patients. Corona virus cannot be
prevented with vaccines or vaccines not available yet but it can be prevented and controlled by using
preventive measures. Health care
professionals must wear gloves, masks and goggles when treating these patients.

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