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Tips for t-shirt printing
T shirts are some of the most popular clothes which are worn by men and women because they are comfortable. The t-shirts are a style statement for some or used to identify the members of a team or group . Hence many people are interested in t shirt printing looking for a company which will allow them to upload the print they require for the shirt, and get the t-shirts they required. There are many factors to be considered while ordering customized shirts like the design, number of shirts, fabric used and delivery time

The design your own shirt website will allow the user to select the material and size of the shirt first. Based on customer feedback a large number of t shirt materials are available like twill , cotton, jersey. The size of the shirts available will also vary usually most tshirt sellers are providing the entire range of t shirt sizes like small, medium and large and extra large. Recognizing the fact that the body shape of women and men differs, some tshirt sellers will allow the buyer to choose between the tshirts for men and women. Some sellers may also have tshirts for children, girls and boys.

The next step for person who wishes to design your own tshirt is uploading the design for the tshirt on the website. The tshirt printing company will specify the format of the file which can be uploaded with the design. They will also specify the minimum size of the file and the resolution of the file, to ensure that the tshirt print is of the desired quality. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions of the shirt printer before starting the order process and keep the file with the t shirt design ready, so that it can be quickly uploaded for placing the order.

The final steps in designing your own t shirt involves selecting the color of the tshirt, finalizing the quantity required and choosing the delivery time. Most of the shirt printers are offering shirts in a variety of popular colors like white, yellow, green, blue, red, pink, purple, brown and black. They may also allow their customer to choose the exact shade they wish. The tshirt buyer will also have to specify the number of tshirts they required. The cost of tshirt printing is inversely proportional to the quantity ordered, with most printers offering bulk discounts for larger orders. The delivery time also determines the cost of printing, with most printers charging more, for faster delivery of the printed tshirt.